CARNIVORE TIPS FROM JEFF'S DESK - edition #1 - Why is meat important for our diet

Jeff von Rotz

These days our back of house is running at full capacity and the team is rushed off their feet making sure we are always stocked up with your favourites. Jeff can’t help but get involved where the action is and can often be found in the back running the smokehouses or helping out the packaging team especially in these busy times. Jeff is a true

carnivore and his philosophy shines throughout the whole of Valbella.

Jeff, Why is it so important for us to have meat in our diet?”


"Having meat in our diet is so important because eating a diet focused on high-quality meat from local farms (especially while living in a place like Alberta) does not only give us the most bioavailable form of nutrition with the least amount of input, it’s also best for the environment and, believe it or not, for the animals. It’s simply too much to cover in a short amount of space, therefore over the next few newsletters I will break it down into 3 categories (nutrition, environment, and animal welfare) and explain in more detail why meat is the answer and not the problem like so many have been led to believe. I look forward to having you all join me and learning all the benefits of an animal-based diet, and triggering a few vegans along the way!!"

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