Vital Greens - Organic 35% Whipping Cream - 1L
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Vital Greens - Organic 35% Whipping Cream - 1L

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We, as you might think, run a dairy farm. In a sense this is true, but first and foremost we are grass farmers. A better term would be forage farmers, because cows do not eat only grass. Cows really like a mix of all different plants, which includes grasses, legumes, and herbs. Why do we than have dairy cows? The cows convert the minerals, vitamins and nutrients from the plants into milk, which in turn nourishes our body.

In other words, organic means:

  • No synthetic pesticides

  • No synthetic preservatives

  • No chemical fertilizers

  • No hormones or antibiotics

  • No genetically modified organisms (GMO’s)