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Valbella Gourmet Foods

Chicken Apple Sausage

Chicken Apple Sausage

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Our Valbella Chicken Apple Sausage is a delicious blend of tender chicken & turkey and sweet, juicy apples. Perfect for any meal, whether grilled, pan-fried, or as an addition to your favorite recipes.

Made with quality ingredients and free from artificial additives, it's a healthy choice for flavor-packed dishes. Try our Chicken Apple Sausage and savor the perfect balance of savory and sweet in every bite!


Cooking Tips: Cook on the BBQ, in a frying pan or the oven until golden brown outside and cooked through. Make sure the sausages reach an internal temperature of 165°F (74°C) before serving.

Ingredients: Chicken, turkey, potato starch, salt, dried apples, spices, brown sugar, sodium tripolyphosphate, dextrose, onion, lemon


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