Fundraising with Valbella

Valbella Gourmet Foods is a proud supporter of many local charities and is an active member in our community.

Valbella has been involved in our local communities ever since we opened in 1978. We understand that our own success has come directly from our community’s support and are always looking at ways to give that support right back!

We have been running local fundraiser events with communities in the Bow Valley for many years and are now excited to be able to offer this to our friends in Calgary.

Make your next fundraiser a great success by partnering with us!

How does it work?

    • We make a selection of our products available to you at a discounted price, for you to sell on to your local community and you keep the profit! We will recommend a sale price but it is completely up to you how much you want to make off each sale.
    • We will give you an order sheet for you to track your sales and you send this to us a week before your fundraiser date. We then make the products to order and deliver them to you to distribute to your happy customers!

    What kind of profit are we talking about?

      • Depending on how much you wish to sell and how you mark up the prices, you can earn $1-$5 or more on each item sold.
      • 500 individual sales often leaves you with a $1000-$1500 profit. We have had large fundraisers in the past with nearly 2000 sales, giving them a $4000+ profit!

      What products are we talking about?

        • We suggest a selection of our burgers, sausages, pies and bacon – usually up to 12 products for your community to choose from.
        • We can also include gift cards for our Canmore store of $22 (You pay $20) and $55 (you pay $50).

        How do we get started?

          • Get in touch with us at or 403 678 4109 and we can answer all your questions and get a Fundraiser date booked in for you!
          1. Important Bits
          • Final orders must be received 1 week before Fundraiser date
          • Deliveries must be Monday-Friday
          • If this is your first Fundraiser with us, payment must be made prior to delivery
          • Items will be shipped in bulk for you to distribute to your customers