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Valbella Gourmet Foods

Gourmet Breakfast Sausage - Bulk

Gourmet Breakfast Sausage - Bulk

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The Valbella Gourmet Breakfast Sausage is a fully cooked and juicy sausage, better served at breakfast, but eh... If you want it for dinner, who will stop you!? Just do it! Made from premium cuts of pork and seasoned with a delicious blend of spices, these sausages are blanched to seal in their natural flavors.

Making breakfast? Don't forget the bacon! Try our Country Style for extra flavour.


Cooking Tips: Heat up on the BBQ, in a frying pan or the oven until golden brown outside and warmed through. 


Ingredients: Pork, turkey, water, potato starch, dextrose, rice breading, salt, spices, sodium tripolyphosphate, onions Product Ships Frozen

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