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Black Bean Burger - Pack of 4

Black Bean Burger - Pack of 4

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Our Valbella Black Bean Burger is a perfect vegetarian alternative for your burger menu. A full quarter pound patty that you can just heat up and serve. Crafted from all natural black beans, brown rice, and onions, for a healthy and delicious plant-based meal.

Cooking Tips: Thaw your veggie burgers first. In a non-stick skillet, or on the BBQ, cook over medium heat for 6-7 minutes.


Ingredients: Water, black beans, brown rice, onion, corn, corn oil, soy protein concentrate, wheat gluten, egg white, tomatoes, bulgur (wheat), green chilies, modified milk ingredients (milk), corn starch, spices, tomato juice, yeast extract, tomato powder, dextrose,


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