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Mary's organic crackers - Super Seed Classic

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Eating whole, real food awakens your joyous connection to your body and to the earth. And it's why people get passionate about Mary's Organic Crackers.

Every baked good we offer is as authentic as the first cracker from my kitchen oven, made with love to nourish your truest, most vital self. Every bite of our food is an invitation to be happy and whole again.

If truth has a taste, it's abundant, pure, and delicious. See if you agree!


gluten-free & vegan

Ingredients: Organic wholegrain brown rice, organic whole grain quinoa, organic brown flax seeds, Organic brown sesame seeds, organic herbs, organic garlic, sea salt, organic wheat free tamari (water, whole organic soybeans, salt, organic vinegar) organic black pepper.

contains soy & sesame.