New Products

What's new? What's exciting? Check out what our amazing team have come up recently to put on your table, BBQ, or stove today!


Moroccan LambThis long-time favourite makes its return with a revamped recipe. The Moroccan Lamb Sausage is back with a new style and improved spice blend ready to grill, pan fry, or combine in with your favourite sauce. A blend of aromatic spices and succulent lamb meat, creating a sausage bursting with exotic flavour and North African charm.

Bison Saskatoon - This brand new Bison sausage just launched in April. The Bison Saskatoon is a blend of exclusively unique flavours from Canada that include Alberta Bison, fresh Saskatoon berries, and the slightest hint of maple. Something truly Canadian to add to the grill this summer!

Sweet Filipino Sausage and Cheese Hot Dog

After working with our amazing Filipino staff to produce a true and traditional recipe, we’re beyond excited to announce two new sausages inspired by the tastes of the Philippines.

The first is the Sweet Filipino Sausage, a slightly spicy and sweet raw sausage that is perfect to panfry or put right over some open flames until cooked to perfection.

The second is the Filipino Cheese Hot Dog, a unique twist on a traditional hot dog with cheddar cheese blended throughout and a distinctly red casing. Absolutely perfect for those wanting something familiar, presented in an entirely new way from the Philippines.

Coming Soon... West Coast IPA Smokie