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Valbella Gourmet Foods

Beef Frankfurters

Beef Frankfurters

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Our Valbella Beef Frankfurter is a cured, smoked and cooked sausage. The Frankfurter was invented 215 years ago in Vienna, Austria. Very popular in Europe, it will sure become popular in your kitchen too! Enjoy them in a bun with your favorite toppings for a quick and satisfying meal, or slice them up to add a savory kick to salads, pastas, and more.


Cooking Tips: Cook on the BBQ, in a frying pan or the oven until golden brown outside and warmed through.


Ingredients: Beef, turkey, water, salt, dextrose, potato starch, onion, spices, sodium nitrate, sodium tripolyphoshate, sodium erthorbate, ascorbic acid, brown sugar. 

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